Student Support

Auxiliary Tutor: Tutoring provided to L.D. (learning disabled) students as well as remedial tutoring as requested by the teacher. Strengths and weaknesses of each student who goes for tutoring is determined by diagnostic and criterion referenced tests.

City Connects: OLR is part of this program that builds a network of support for students, their families, and the schools that serve them, improving outcomes now — and for years to come.

Counselor: Through a grant we are able to have a counselor through the Urban Child Development Resource Center. The counselor works with students weekly in areas of violence prevention, problem solving, empathy building and anger management.

School Nurse: A registered nurse assumes an active role in the maintenance and improvement of the health of the children and youth in the school setting.

School Psychologist: Evaluates students referred by teachers, principal or parents for psychological testing. Students who are referred are experiencing specific problems of many kinds and teachers feel that they need recommendations in handling and understanding the students' specific issue.

Special Education Program: Students must have an ISP (Individualized Service Plan) to be in this program. Students are achieving success by being in this program as it is adjusted to their academic needs. This program takes place in the "Learning Center" across from the computer lab. Generally "Learning Center" students attend classes here for language arts and math but are with their homeroom class for the other subjects.

Speech Therapy: Assists in identification of children with speech and/or language handicaps; provides multi-factored evaluation; provides appropriate services for those who have been identified as needing various types of remediation in speech and language.

Student Support Process:

Promotes the success of every student by addressing his or her particular needs. This process is led by the Student Support Coordinator who monitors the progress of every student through regular meetings with the principal, teachers, school counselor, intervention specialists, school nurse, and others as needed. Depending on the individual student's needs, anything from early intervention with behavior problems to enrichment programs in the outside community may be employed.

Addressing the non-academic barriers to learning is a primary focus, and families are closely involved as primary partners in their child's learning. Parents receive a more detailed description of the Student Support Process at the beginning of the school year and are always welcome to call the school office for more information at 222-7231,

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