7:00 AM Students may gather in the hall by the office. We ask that Students not be dropped off earlier than 7:15.

7: 30 AM Bell rings and children go to classrooms.

  • Anyone who arrived after this time will be marked as Tardy.

7:30 AM School begins (Parent/guardian must sign in student if they arrive after 7:40 AM)

11:15 AM Grades K, 1, 2, go to lunch/recess

11: 40 AM Grades 3,4,5 go to lunch/recess

12:10 PM Grades 6 through 8 go to lunch or recess

2:00 PM Bell for office to begin calling students riding buses for dismissal


Parents and guardians should not come to pick-up their children between 2:00 pm and the regular dismissal time of 2:25 pm due to end-of-day dismissal procedures we must follow. Refer to school schedule above.