Johnnie Toth Award:

This aware is given each year by the Boosters in honor of an OLR student who died at an early age, having had many health problems. His determination, enthusiasm, and courage set him apart from typical teenagers of the early 1960's. The award has been presented each year since 1964 and is the oldest continuous award given at OLR. It is generally given to one 8th grade boy and girl. The award not given to the best athlete of one or more sports or to the best student. It is not an MVP award or a scholar athlete award. The award is given to the student who demonstrates the strong human characteristics and zeal that Johnnie Toth exhibited in his lifetime.

Deacon Henry & Thelma Hoelle Beck Memorial Service Award:

This scholarship award honors Deacon Henry Beck and his wife, Thelma Hoelle Beck who believed in service to Our Lady of the Rosary Parish and our school. Thelma graduated from OLR, volunteered at the school, was a member of the Boosters Club and active in many other ways. Henry was a Deacon here for 32 years and trained servers, coached sports teams, took care of the finances and sang in the choir. The family of Henry and Thelma hope that in establishing this service award our youth continue the values of dedicated service to our Catholic Church and our parishes and to reward those students who continue this tradition.

College Promise Scholarship Winners

Every year the College Promise Scholarship is awarded by the state of Ohio to around 50 8th graders across the state. These two students worked hard in the classroom and will now receive free or very low cost full tuition to college.

#congratulations to the Johnny Toth Award winners!  These #olrknights students display the service, sportsmanship dedication to OLR!  This honor is based on evaluating of character and personal traits by coaches and teachers. We are very proud of these #olrknights !
#congratulations to these #olrknights who received the Deacon Henry Beck & Thelma Hoelle Beck service awards today!  We are very proud of you!!
#congratulations to these two #olrknights who received the #collegepromise scholarship!  These students have worked hard and will received free or very low cost full tuition to college!  We are amazingly proud and honored to be a part of your education in!