8th Grade

We are pleased to announce that we have officially entered into An Alliance with Chaminade Julienne Catholic High School. What does this mean you may wonder? While we have been in alliance with Chaminade Julienne for some time now through the sharing of teachers and perssonnel, now our scholars are taking classes at Chamiande Julienne every morning.

Each morning our scholars are bussed to Chaminade Julienne and back to Our Lady of the Rosary in the afternoon to finish their classes on our campus. This exciting opportunity opens our scholars to a new world as they prepare to take their next steps into high school.

Courses at Chaminade Julienne

  1. English Language Arts

  2. Mathematics

  3. Art

  4. Physical Education

Courses at Our Lady of the Rosary

  1. Social Studies

  2. Science/STEM

  3. Religion